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NO, Southeastern Jewelers is proud to offer on-site jewelry repair. With six trained jewelers on staff full-time we perform all jewelry repairs in our store. Your items are kept in the safe after business hours and fall under our insurance while the items are in our possession.

The typical repair turnover time is 10-14 days. This gives us time to get your job worked into the job load, order any necessary parts, refinish, and polish your piece. In some cases repairs can take longer if extended work is necessary or if parts are on backorder from a vendor. In this case we do apologize and promise to get the work finished as quickly as possible.

While you are more than welcome to call and check the status of your work, it is not necessary as Southeastern Jewelers will always call as soon as your work is complete. This way, if the work is complete before the promised date (usually 10-14 days) you will be able to pick up your jewelry a little early!

Southeastern Jewelers is never open on Sunday (yes, even on Christmas Eve we remain closed). As we pride ourselves that we are a family owned business we close on Sundays so that all employees are free to spend time with their families and participate in any and all religious activities.

In most cases, YES this is possible. However, it is completely dependent on the jewelers’ work load that day. There is an additional “rush” charge that is added to the regular labor fee. HINT: if you find yourself in this situation the chances for same day service is extremely better the earlier you call as all same day services are worked in on a “first come first serve” basis.

Yes, we are happy to provide and change a watch battery while you wait. We are also happy to remove links from watches while you wait at an additional charge.

Appraisal are always offered free of charge for any and all items purchased at Southeastern Jewelers. The fee for items that were not purchased from Southeastern Jewelers is a minimum of $75.00. Please know this is not per item. The price begins at $75.00 and increases depending on the quantity of items as well as the projected time it will take to appraise each item.

*Note: In order to get an estimated cost of an appraisal, it is necessary to bring in the pieces you wish to be appraised.

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